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Z Art Space is proud to present Rail Routes: Excerpts from the North American Network, photography exhibition by Montreal artist Scott BerwickRail Routes is a project of great scale and endeavour in which photographer Scott Berwick has systematically captured the passing landscape through window-views of regional and commuter rails. From these images, the artist has reconstructed the routes undertaken on his interactive website, and in doing so, the experience of the trip in itself. Once traced back on a map, the founding and arterial roads recall their visceral embedment within the larger landscape.


In Excerpts From the North American Network, Z Art Space presents a selection of photographs from the artist’s extensive archive of images depicting railway sites in and around four great metropolitan areas: Chicago, Montréal, Toronto and New York. As the audience is pulled from one city to another in 14 frames, the exhibition becomes a reminder of diversity within a continuous yet uneven landscape. Between frames such as The Pool and The Weeping Willows, there might not be anything in common; however Berwick came across those scenes and photographed them as collected proofs of such residual moments, as well as that of his own existence.



Scott Berwick is a documentary-style photographer from the Montreal area. He is interested in observing landscapes marked by lines, theoretical or physical. Berwick has received his BFA in Studio Arts, Major in Photography from Concordia University in 2013 and currently pursues his MFA at the same institution. 

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