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lives and works in Montreal

Megan Moore obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography from Concordia University and a Masters of Fine Arts in studio arts from University of Guelph.

Using a subversive photographic language, Moore examines the relationship between photography, nostalgia, grief and time. By repurposing and manipulating imagery gathered from personal archives, Moore hints at the role of decay and preservation inherent within lens-based mediums. This digital image making practice pulls from analog alternative photographic processes in an effort to regain the sense of contingency typically lost within digital methods, while offering immersive and contemplative video and photography installations.

In 2019, Moore was the recipient of the Emerging Photographer Award from the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario. Recently, Moore exhibited at Centre culturel de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (MTL), Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), Miejskie Galerie UAP (Poland), Erin Stump Projects (Toronto) and others. Megan Moore is currently based in Montreal.

View the artist's CV here.

View the artist's press kit here.

"It begins with a glimpse through the hole that diffracts to compose. Perhaps, it is an object, a place, or a ritual that speaks of one’s healing and recovery. Perhaps, it is an event that must not be forgotten or a detail reminiscent of a more or less distant past. Perhaps, it is an assemblage of textures that succeeds in resurfacing a deep sense of knowing, or the murmur of the unnoticed, a quiet fragment of the ordinary that attracts empathy. Taking pictures has become a means to memorize one’s lived experience of (dis)ability. As temporal impresses conglomerate in real crip time, through the hole, associative projections unfold multi-dimensionally to punctuate a non-linear, simultaneous and disconnected sense of time." - excerpt from response essay written by Laurence Pilon. Read full text here

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