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lives and works in Montreal, QC

Jeanette Johns holds a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Manitoba, and an MFA in Studio Arts (Print Media concentration) from Concordia University. She participated in many production and creation residencies, in Canada, the USA and Finland. In 2016, she published the artist book With Sufficient Distance, printed in risograph by Parameter Press.

The work of Jeanette Johns is based on observation and the gaze, focusing particularly on two-dimensional representations of space. Through drawing, photography, and etching, she elegantly explores scientific systems of representing the world such as diagrams, perspective games, and optical illusions. Also interested in the landscape genre, Johns draws on theoretical and empirical knowledge to produce images that exist on the border between mathematics, geometry, and decorative design.

Her works are found in the collections of: The Crown Collection, Rideau Hall, Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec, Toronto Dominion Bank, Manitoba Arts Branch, Atelier Graff Archives, Manitoba Hydro art collection, and Open Studio Archives, Toronto.

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