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Gallery Z Art Space is proud to present Dissonant Integrations, a group exhibition and video program organized by Ethnocultural Art Histories Research (EAHR). The exhibition investigates the concept of disruption as a tool to challenge dominant representations of race, ethnicity and other forms of fixed identities. Featuring twelve artists and collectives based in Canada and the United States, Dissonant Integrations seeks to expand our understanding of diversity through artworks that disrupt ethnic and/or racial stereotypes, and redress essentialist narratives of cultural identities and representations.


From photography and video to sculpture, the selected artists work in a range of media and draw on various creative practices, such as upcycling, auto-ethnography and appropriation. Exploring themes of displacement, immigration and diaspora, the artists use irony, humor and experimentation to navigate between public and self-representation, national and global identity, the familiar and the unfamiliar. By unraveling the everyday challenges faced by ethnocultural communities, these artists engage with pressing social-political issues that continually fuel and challenge contemporary art discourse.     

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