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19.01.2023 - 25.02.2023

Z Art Space is pleased to present Crozier / McKindsey, our debut group exhibition for the Winter 2023 season, gathering the works of Nicole Crozier and Alexia McKindsey. This exhibition examines the multi-faceted role of ornementation and accessories in their respective practices in relation to the female subject, the body, as well as domestic spaces and family traditions.
Inspired by fashion and its potential for (self) transformation, Nicole Crozier explores the animate potential of accessories and decoration in relation to the female body. Her surrealistic paintings often depict ornamentation taking on an insidious purpose, often consuming the figure and eclipsing its humanity. In her practice, Cozier aims to cultivate an aesthetic that is simultaneously seductive and unsettling as a means of investigating the overlap between desire, fantasy, identity, and self-image. Her interest in fashion deepens as she questions the model’s function as a commodity mannequin, made seductive in order to sell, with the female body becoming a site for celebrating consumerism in a challenged sense of female empowerment. 

Alexia McKindsey investigates notions of familial narratives, lived spaces, heritage, and history. Incorporating painting, collage, and craft-based techniques, her work pays homage to the collective memory and identity of a home spanning generations of a family, while investigating the physical progression of time and tradition that have passed through their dwellings.



Nicole Crozier obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of Ottawa (2013) and is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Painting and Drawing. She has showcased her work at Nuit Blanche Toronto, St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, and Cambridge Art Galleries, among others.

Alexia McKindsey obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2020. She has exhibited at Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, La Guilde, Art Souterrain, ARTCH, and AVE Gallery. Most recently, she presented her solo exhibition Mnemonic Devices at McClure Gallery in December 2022.

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