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born 1984 - lives and works in Montréal, QC

Brandon Dalmer (b. 1984) obtained a bachelor’s in fine arts from Alberta University of the Arts (2007) and is currently pursuing his masters in painting at Concordia University.

Working at the intersection of digital and physical mediums, Dalmer’s practice investigates the correlation between these two realms by exploring the impact of the artificial on our sense of perception. As the artist begs the question: “Digital information can be endlessly copied, transferred and manipulated with little to no material cost and at a faster rate than the analog - What is lost through this process?” Developing his own systems of code to procedurally generate and manipulate digital compositions, Dalmer seeks to convert the digital medium back to a physical one, and in doing so, encourages the viewer to unpack the origins of an image.

He has previously exhibited at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Calgary, Art Mûr, and Galerie Éphémère.

View the artist's CV here.

View the artist's press kit here.

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