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Z Art Space is proud to present April Martin's first solo exhibition with the gallery, Through and Through. This series of ceramic sculptures is inspired by the Canada Malting Plant, located along the Lachine Canal, Montreal. Consisting of gigantic silos that serve as echo to the industrial past of the city, the Canada Malting Plant of this area stands today only through the forms of stranded factories, marked by weather, disuse and graffiti. Nevertheless, they remain present as abandoned castles from a precarious time, hinting to their beauty of decay that is inserted into the existing landscape. 



April Martin obtained her BFA from Concordia University and her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In her work, she uses a wide variety of materials including thread, plaster, silicone and metal to pursue keen architectural themes, but it is mainly in her ceramic explorations that these concepts are most adequately addressed.

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