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born 1984 in Montréal - lives and works in Montréal, QC

Andréanne Abbondanza-Bergeron obtained her bachelors in Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2007 and her Masters in Sculpture and Installation in 2016. Her work expands in major spatial gestures that explores our current social and urban contexts, reflected back to us in tangible experiences occurring in the moment of encounter with the work. From a background in architectural studies, she first turned her attention to sculpture and performance, before moving towards installation art, drawing and photography, weaving together her unique approach to space, materials, and the interaction with and within the work.


Her work has previously been shown at the FOFA gallery, the Maison de la culture Frontenac, and the Bina Ellen Art Gallery. She will soon be presenting a solo exhibition at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery.

View the artist's CV here.

View the artist's press kit here.

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