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born 1988 - lives and works in Montréal, QC

Amélie Jodoin obtained a Bachelor’s in visual and media arts from UQAM in 2016. Jodoin’s playful, mystery-infused compositions exude playfulness, while conveying distinctly ambiguous elements that defy a certain logic or linear narrative. Exploring the metamorphosis of landscapes and her immediate surroundings, Jodoin’s works unpacks the pictorial and hierarchical qualities of her environment, while inserting familiar yet seemingly disparate elements, as if by chance, to create new storylines.

She recently exhibited at Tub Hackney in London (UK), la Foire d'art contemporain de Saint-Lambert, and Art Souterrain. Her works can be found in the collections of Google, Ubisoft, and other private collections.

View the artist's CV here.

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