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Z Art Space is proud to present Intimacy of the Immediate, a solo exhibition by Montreal-based photographer Alan Avorgbedor. For the artist’s first exhibition at the gallery, Avorgbedor presents four series of film photography, capturing urban and rural landscapes marked by absence, singularity, and absurdities of the ordinary. 


Unfettered by tonal accuracies of the scenery, Avorgbedor employs expired films and methods of cross-processing to develop his images, yielding exuberant, and at times unpredictable, muted color compositions. Situated at the intersection of architecture and photography, the exhibited series remark on the artist’s exploration of transposable qualities between the two media, such as in Line (2011) and Curve (2010), where the quintessential female bodily form has been reduced to a consideration of purely geometric attributes, then juxtaposed to the cold, rigid silhouette of a relinquished building. Governed by a pursuit of conflicting binaries – presence and absence; positivity and negativity; continuation and interruption – Avorgbedor seeks to translate his philosophical understanding of order, hierarchy, and perception into an aesthetic engagement with familiar yet distant landscapes.



Alan Avorgbedor is a PhD candidate in the Fine Arts interdisciplinary program at Concordia University. His philosophical and aesthetic investigations explore the subtleties and ironies of the immediate environment that bring attention to the subjective manifestation of presence between voids. 

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